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MUO 328F | Bristol LH | Fleet No. 716

MUO 328F
Fleet No.: 
CBPS's Bristol LH at Penzance running day

This Bristol LHBristol Commercial Vehicles Light Horizontal engined single-decker bus chassis LH at 30' (9.1m); nearly 2,000 were built between 1967 and 1982 6L with 45 seat ECWEastern Coach Works Ltd was a bus and railbus body building company based in Lowestoft, England. ECW closed in 1987 bodywork was one of 10 new medium sized buses delivered to Western National in the summer of 1968 with 5 going to Southern National. Built by Bristol Commercial VehiclesBristol Commercial Vehicles Ltd was a manufacturer of buses and trucks based in Bristol, England. Closed 1983. (BCV), the light weight LH was the replacement for the earlier MW and SU models which had similar mid-mounted, horizontal, underfloor engines. The engine was a LeylandLeyland Bus was a British bus manufacturer. It emerged from the Rover Group (formerly British Leyland) as a management buyout of the bus business. It was subsequently acquired by Volvo Buses in 1988 and the name finally disappeared in 1993 400 fitted to a manual 5 speed gearbox and the Girling air brake system was adopted.   Read more