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CBPS news update for January 2013

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Yes we are back and may I wish all bus and coach preservationists and enthusiasts a Happy New Year. Lets hope it proves to be a good one for all. As you know, August 2012 was the last entry and it was during September and early October, that I experienced problems with the site, namely that I could not get in to it. Eventually this was sorted and then I was a tad busy but realised that I had nothing new to report as the rain, rain and more rain had put a complete damper on our activities. The vehicle situation now is that our Dart, VarioMercedes-Benz Vario (model designation W670) is a heavy van manufactured by Mercedes-Benz and OlympianLeyland Olympian was a 2-axle and 3-axle double-decker bus chassis manufactured by British Leyland/Leyland Bus in the United Kingdom from 1980 to 1993. It was the last Leyland bus model in production are 'on the road'. The LHBristol Commercial Vehicles Light Horizontal engined single-decker bus chassis LH at 30' (9.1m); nearly 2,000 were built between 1967 and 1982 and VR, 1003Bristol VR with fleet number 1003 (VDV 141S) is a 1978 convertible open topper, one of 11 delivered to Western National/Devon General between November 1977 and March 1978, need work on them to get them roadworthy. The other VR's are still stored here and in Devon and a review will be undertaken shortly. To kick start the year, a working group will be in action this first weekend and I will update next month. I'm afraid that like everything else, membership of the CBPSCornwall Bus Preservation Society - formed by a group of bus and coach enthusiasts who are involved in maintaining, restoring and preserving a number of buses which saw operational service in Cornwall that have been bought, donated or even loaned to members of the group will have to go up to a minimum of £25 per year having held it to £15 since we started. However, this is not a solution to the situation, but the first of several ideas that I will be contacting 'friends' in writing within the next week. My appeals for 'COVERED VEHICLE STORAGE' have met with nothing. This now needs to be addressed with some urgency so please see what you can find? On a lighter note, our Penzance Running DayEach year in April CBPG holds an Annual Running Day with free bus trips around West Cornwall - check our Events for more information will be held on Sunday 21 April 2013 (3rd Sunday) and we look forward to another great day.