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Penzance Running Day 2020

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Sunday, 19 April 2020 - 10:00am - 5:00pm

Our Annual Penzance Running DayEach year in April CBPG holds an Annual Running Day with free bus trips around West Cornwall - check our Events for more information in association with Thames Valley & Great Western Omnibus Trustregistered charity which established in 2008 “to advance education of public in history of public road passenger transport and in particular history of those companies and types of vehicles operated through Thames Valley and Great Western road transport corridors”; TV&GWOT's defined operating area consists of ten local authority areas between West London and Cornwall, hence strap-line “Fro’ Paddington to Penzance” reflecting the extent of the Great Western Railway Road Motors operations over the period 1903 to 1929 and successor companies from then until the present day.

Vehicles associated with the group currently planning to be entered are:
1318Royal Blue; BDV 318L | Bristol LH | Fleet No. 1318 | CBPG, 1254Former Western National Bristol LHS 1254 (VOD 124K), one of six purchased for Mousehole - Penzance route; acquired privately by Steve and Paul towards the end of 2017, 401Badgers and Flags Pointer Dart L401 VCV | Dennis Pointer Dart | Fleet No. 401 | CBPG , 1141, 1121, 1098, 1226November 2009, CBPG took over ownership of Bristol VR 38873(LFJ 873W) from Western National Preservation Group. Originally numbered 1226, she was the last new Bristol VR bought by Western National in 1981 LFJ 873W | Bristol VR | Fleet No. 38873 (ex 1226), 14601969 Bristol RELH6G with ECW C45F coachwork; New to Southern National March 1969, transferred to Western National, remained in service until May 1981 when became part of BaMMOTT collection at Wythall. Purchased by WHOTT May 2005 OTA 632G | Bristol RELH | Fleet No. 1460 and 52529529 became 52529 in national numbering system, fitted with 27 seats and soon received her current livery; S529 RWP | Mercedes Vario | Fleet No. 52529 | CBPG. There hopefully will be two more to add which we will give details of in due course.

Every effort will be made to adhere to the above list but this is of course is subject to availibility on the day. Some vehicles are due for MOTMinistry of Transport test close to the the running day and others have work to be completed on them before they are back on the road.

If you can offer some help with vehicle preperations, please let us know. We are planning on having Working Party days. Where possible we will also plan in some extra dates as currently the workload out strips the work needed to be completed!


For more information about the running day and entry forms, please visit