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One from my wedding | Sat, 28/09/2013 | BusDriverLee

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28 Sep 2013
Lee Shephard

It's been years since I have uploaded photos to our website, so I am making a start!

This picture I managed to grab at my own wedding where 1318Royal Blue; BDV 318L | Bristol LH | Fleet No. 1318 | CBPG was under my ownership and driven by previous owner Steve (Well to the wedding.... I drove home!!!!), 14601969 Bristol RELH6G with ECW C45F coachwork; New to Southern National March 1969, transferred to Western National, remained in service until May 1981 when became part of BaMMOTT collection at Wythall. Purchased by WHOTT May 2005 OTA 632G | Bristol RELH | Fleet No. 1460 driven by Mel were both for the guests and 137 Bristol H owned and driven by Colin Billington transported my lovely (now) wife to the church and us both to the reception. 

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