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MOT work continues - 716

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After a good look over by Steve, a 'small' list of 15 jobs appeared to get 716Bristol LH 6L with 45 seat ECW bodywork was one of 10 new medium sized buses delivered to Western National in the summer of 1968 MUO 328F | Bristol LH | Fleet No. 716 | CBPG through her MOTMinistry of Transport test this year.Work has started on that list with Steve, Paul and I setting to work on Tuesday and getting a few jobs crossed off. Work continued yesterday with Paul and I attempted to tackle a water pump change which was successful until the point we found the replacement was leaking water! With the old one re-fitted, back to the shed was the next plan until the clutch decided to give up en-route which left 716 needing to be towed back until that can be replaced. Unfortunately I think this means that she won't make it to the running day.


716 - During MOT work 2012 | Tue, 27/03/2012 | BusDriverLee

So, with a couple of jobs left to do on 1003Bristol VR with fleet number 1003 (VDV 141S) is a 1978 convertible open topper, one of 11 delivered to Western National/Devon General between November 1977 and March 1978 and 34754Former Western National 'Bristol' Leyland Olympian, A754 VAF in Barbie 2 livery and displaying fleet number 34754; This represents a very important 'save' for the CBPG as is last vehicle from initial batch of 8 first introduced in Plymouth in November 1983 to come out of service in Cornwall A754 VAF | Leyland Olympian | Fleet No. 34754 (ex 1807/1754) | CBPG for the running day(and lots of cleaning), hopefully we will get everything done in time!