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Clutch replacement on our Bristol LH MUO 328F - Round 2

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Round 2...... 

After discovering a minor whoopsie on the original replacement with the release bearing being the wrong way round, we had to take the gearbox back out, put this right and then try again. Everything was going well, but unfortunately (as most bus preservationists will know) this was not to be case. We now have a problem with the slave pack which has given us a rock hard pedal. Oh joys..... yet another job to do! Anyone would think this bus doesn't want to come back on the road!

Our lovely bus (not quite what we were calling it last week!) has also acquired some squatters. Whilst in the cab Steve was insistent he could hear a bird in the bus but none could be found. On further searching this is what we found:


716 Squatters 1 716 squatters 2