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CBPS news update for September 2015

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What a great Running DayEach year in April CBPG holds an Annual Running Day with free bus trips around West Cornwall - check our Events for more information we had in Plymouth on Saturday 5 September 2015 to mark the end of First/Western National's operations in the City. Seven vehicles took part and we had VRT 1141 and Dennis Dart 401Badgers and Flags Pointer Dart L401 VCV | Dennis Pointer Dart | Fleet No. 401 | CBPG in attendance. Large numbers of enthusiasts turned out for free rides on a fine day.

Hot on the heels of this event is the celebrated Kingsbridge Runnng Day on Saturday 19 September 2015 with vehicles dating from 1930's to the 1990's. There will be VRT's there including our 1141 (AFJ 706T) and 1121 (VDV 121S). FLFFlat floor, Long, Front entrance bus of low floor “Lodekka” type, giving passengers one step entrance and flat floor long before present generation of accessible buses's 1969 (468 FTT) and 2019 (824 KDV) with LD (VDV 760). We will also have our Dennis Dart 401 (L401 VCVBadgers and Flags Pointer Dart L401 VCV | Dennis Pointer Dart | Fleet No. 401 | CBPG) and Mercedes VarioMercedes-Benz Vario (model designation W670) is a heavy van manufactured by Mercedes-Benz 52529529 became 52529 in national numbering system, fitted with 27 seats and soon received her current livery; S529 RWP | Mercedes Vario | Fleet No. 52529 | CBPG (S529 RWP).

We recommend you get there early, buy your souvenier programme and plan your day. See you there!

We need more 'friends' to join us and membership is only £25 a year, less than a £1 a week! Looking forward to hearing from you!