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CBPS news update for March 2015

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Here's a brief update for March which has been a very busy month with Rail Replacement and the demise of Western Greyhound concentrating our minds quite a lot.

One thing we are finding out is that booking MOTMinistry of Transport test dates is now a problem with so few centres available. However we will do our best to get more of our vehcles ready for the Running DayEach year in April CBPG holds an Annual Running Day with free bus trips around West Cornwall - check our Events for more information on Sunday 19 April 2015 at Penzance. We are up to about 16 or 17 vehcles entered at the moment so we will have a good day.

When I have more news I will bring it to you. We still need covered storage and we would like more of you out there to become a 'friend' of the CBPSCornwall Bus Preservation Society - formed by a group of bus and coach enthusiasts who are involved in maintaining, restoring and preserving a number of buses which saw operational service in Cornwall that have been bought, donated or even loaned to members of the group or indeed to just donate via Pay Pal to help 'keep the wheels turning' on our fleet. Thank you.