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CBPS news update for December 2011

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Just time for a few words to update you on the happenings for the last month of the year. You may remember that the CBPSCornwall Bus Preservation Society - formed by a group of bus and coach enthusiasts who are involved in maintaining, restoring and preserving a number of buses which saw operational service in Cornwall that have been bought, donated or even loaned to members of the group was unsuccessful in acquiring one of the former Western National owned 7' 6" wide Dennis Dart's which had worked in west Cornwall. Well I am pleased to report that we have been offered Dennis Dart 401Badgers and Flags Pointer Dart L401 VCV | Dennis Pointer Dart | Fleet No. 401 | CBPG (L401 VCVBadgers and Flags Pointer Dart L401 VCV | Dennis Pointer Dart | Fleet No. 401 | CBPG) which was new to Western National Limited in 1994. This vehicle is in excellent condition and preserved in the original 'badgers and flags' livery. Thank you to Terry Partridge for arranging for the Dart to come to us and we hope to have it in service on our Running DayEach year in April CBPG holds an Annual Running Day with free bus trips around West Cornwall - check our Events for more information on Sunday 15 April 2012.  

Also cast your memory back to the 'saving' of the 1966 former Royal Blue Bristol MW 1421(EDV 503D) which was found at a farm near Wadebridge. Well I can report that the vehicle has been successfully moved into a covered shed in Devon to give her some protection from the elements but this is classed as 'a long long term project'. 

As mentioned last month, renewal of membership of the CBPS is due in January 2012 and we welcome any new members wishing to join us. 

That just leaves me the chance to send best wishes to all bus and coach enthusiasts for a Happy Christmas and great New Year.