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St Buryan Vintage Rally Sunday

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Sunday, 29 July 2018 - 10:00am

St Buryan Vintage Rally on Saturday and Sunday, 28/29 July 2018 and CBPSCornwall Bus Preservation Society - formed by a group of bus and coach enthusiasts who are involved in maintaining, restoring and preserving a number of buses which saw operational service in Cornwall that have been bought, donated or even loaned to members of the group will have several vehicles attending.

At the moment LHS 1254 (VOD 124K) and LH 1318 (BDV 318L) are going with one or two others.

We were hoping our VRT 1141 (AFJ 706T) would go but this has been made difficult due to youngsters getting inside the vehicle  and making as much mess as possible! If any 'friends' are interested and require a lift on either or both days, please contact the group. We will be running the free bus service from the village square to the show field.

St Buryan Vintage Rally Sunday